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Royal Oud

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The men’s cologne Royal Oud is a majestic combination of sensual fragrances for hard-working men. The cologne's main ingredient is agarwood, a woody plant from Cambodia that is considered to be one of the most valuable types of wood on the planet and is also known as the wood of the Gods. This mystical, rich and very intense woody fragrance accents your masculine character and lasts for many hours.

Perfume contents: 2 ml
5 $

More about Royal Oud perfume

The ingredients shown below further add to the basic ingredient of this perfume. All the ingredients used in our perfumes are of natural origin and the fragrances that are individually combined are carefully selected in order to create a pleasant and original aromatic composition.


Patchouli adds a certain intensity to the perfume and is an ingredient originating in Indonesia. Patchouli is typically characterized by its very strong woody and earthy aroma.


The undertones of the Royal Oud perfume come from the light, seasoned fragrance of tobacco. Tobacco adds to the perfume a warm, earthy aroma that every elegant man is sure to appreciate.


The unique combination of fragrances is further fulfilled by saffron, which also goes by the nickname “fragrant gold”. This fascinating spice is characterized by its intensive aroma, reminiscent of soap.