Queen of Ylang
Queen of Ylang

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The women’s perfume Queen of Ylang is dominated by the very intense, exotic aroma of flowers of the arborescent orchid with lively yellow blossoms that go by the name Ylang-ylang. The fragrance was inspired by Indonesia, which has been named “paradise on earth”. It is here that the evergreen, intense pleasant-smelling orchids grow whose aroma adds an unrivalled character to Queen of Ylang perfume. The sensual, flowery aroma arouses desire, accentuates femininity and is considered the fragrance of queens.
Perfume contents: 2 ml
5 $

More about Queen of Ylang perfume

The ingredients shown below further add to the basic ingredient of this perfume. All the ingredients used in our perfumes are of natural origin and the fragrances that are individually combined are carefully selected in order to create a pleasant and original aromatic composition.


Bergamot is a plant known for its sugary, fruity yet refreshing citrus aroma, thanks to which it has become a popular ingredient both men’s and women’s perfumes. Bergamot adds a fresh lightness to Queen of Ylang perfume. A lightness that every woman will value.


The perfume's dazzling aroma is completed by musk. With the help of this ingredient, the perfume is the recipient of both subtlety and sensual attraction.