Love in Vetiver
Love in Vetiver

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Love in Vetiver is a luxurious women’s perfume which is dominated by vetiver, also known as “Indian grass”, which originally comes from India and Indonesia and is a symbol of energy and vigour. This plant was highly valued in ancient India thanks to its pleasant aroma and positive health effects, and it has woody characteristics with a softly spiced fragrance.
Perfume contents: 2 ml
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More about Love in Vetiver perfume

The ingredients shown below further add to the basic ingredient of this perfume. All the ingredients used in our perfumes are of natural origin and the fragrances that are individually combined are carefully selected in order to create a pleasant and original aromatic composition.


Orchid adds its fresh aroma to the vetiver with a light, flowery tone, thanks to which the perfume is perfectly balanced. The orchid's voluptuous aroma accents your femininity.


Patchouli allows the exotic fragrance of Love in Vetiver perfume to shine. This ingredient has its origins in Indonesia and thanks to its intense woody and earthy aroma, is added to luxury perfumes with great pleasure.