The perfume Amor & Psyche was inspired by a story of love, when Amor alone fell in love with a person, that person being the beauty, Psyche. The tropical Patchouli herb, the rock rose Labdanum, cedar wood and vanilla make up the main ingredients of this unisex perfume. All of them combine to create a unique fragrant combination that you are sure to fall in love with. The perfume is enriched by the fresh scent of roses, orange flowers, jasmine and raisins seasoned with mandarins, bergamot and rose pepper. The Amor & Psyche aroma, being neither masculine nor feminine, is perfect for every opportunity.

Perfume contents: 50 ml
80 $

More about Amor & Psyché perfume

The ingredients shown below further add to the basic ingredient of this perfume. All the ingredients used in our perfumes are of natural origin and the fragrances that are individually combined are carefully selected in order to create a pleasant and original aromatic composition.


Patchouli, which is the foundation for the Amor and Psyche perfume, carries a distinctive earthy-green aroma with woody tones. It is the ideal base for perfumes that are suitable for both men and women.


Rose combined with orange flowers, jasmine and raisins adds a light freshness to the perfume. The rose magically creates an intensely romantic fragrance that was inspired by the aforementioned story of Amor, who fell in love with the beautiful Psyché.

Rose pepper

The overall impression left by the perfume is of perfectly fine-tuned, soft tones of red pepper, which highlights both the earthy patchouli aroma and the flowers within.