About the brand

Gitano Cosmetics a.s. is a purely Czech company that dedicates itself to the strict production of niche perfumes and cosmetics. Each perfume is produced from high-quality precious ingredients of natural origin and are imported from all of the world. You will discover in our perfumes a one-of-a-kind magic of uncommon fragrant compositions, built on a careful production approach and love for fragrances.

Each Gitano Cosmetics perfume is comparable to a work of art that has been made with love and a lot of patience. We use exclusively natural ingredients of the highest quality when producing our perfumes. Ingredients that can be especially found among precious woods, such as oud, also known under the name agarwood, with vetiver or ylang-ylang flower, iris and others. The results are unique fragrances that characterize wildness, freedom and mysteriousness.

Our goal is to create perfumes that differ from classic, mainstream fragrances. Which is why especially lovers of original scents can be found among our clientele. The kind of people who do not fear departing from the ordinary and who search for true, high-quality and original aromas. When our friends tried the first fragrances that were made here in our country after our travels to beloved France, the people around them often asked what brand of perfume they were using.